Decades Of Criminal Defense Experience In Chicago

If you have been accused of a crime, you are presumed innocent. Unfortunately, police and prosecutors are usually more concerned about obtaining convictions than they are about protecting people's rights. You need an experienced criminal law attorney.

I am Barry M. Lewis, a criminal law attorney in Chicago. I have successfully defended people accused of crimes ranging from drunk driving to murder for over 35 years. The police and prosecutors will not protect your rights if you face criminal charges, but I will.

Protecting Your Future

I firmly believe that criminal penalties in our society are too harsh for many crimes, especially drug charges. For a single conviction, you can face a lengthy prison sentence. Even if you plead guilty to a charge that results in probation, having a conviction on your record can hurt you for the rest of your life. Every time you apply for a job, you would have to disclose that conviction, and it could limit your opportunities. For this reason, you should never plead guilty to any crime without at least consulting with an experienced defense lawyer. For example, a subtle difference in the terms of probation can determine whether your case, even if you are convicted, can be expunged.

While no lawyer can promise a specific outcome, I will promise to make sure that the burden of proof remains where it belongs: on the state. I will thoroughly examine the circumstances of your arrest to find any weakness in the prosecution's case. I will exploit those weaknesses at trial.

It is vitally important for you to talk to me before you talk to police. By attempting to explain your situation to police, you may give the state the evidence it needs to charge you with a crime. In fact, the police are allowed to lie to you. They are experienced at getting statements and getting those statements to hold up in court.

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